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Take a look at our extensive range of equipment available for hire.


Richmond Hire Limited has a huge range of equipment at its disposal. Our rates are also extremely competitive. When you put your job in our hands, you can be sure that the products you use are the very top quality in the business.

Our machinery and tools are suitable for a wide range of work. We regularly provide materials to handymen and contractors, who often need smaller tools. We also provide big equipment for one-off and specialist jobs – why buy expensive machinery when you can hire it for a fraction of the cost?




Home & Garden Maintenance

Generators & Compressors


Heaters & Dehumidifiers

Pumps & Waterblasters

Earthmoving Equipment

We Put Your Safety First

Our hire equipment is well maintained and regularly serviced. We support you throughout the project – if the circumstances of the job change, we’re just a phone call away.

Convenient Pick-up or Delivery

We support our loyal customers with prompt delivery of machinery and equipment and by ensuring your equipment is prepped and ready to go on the agreed pick up time.